You’re in the market for a new home, why should I build new, compared to buying new or remodeling?

          A.      New Homes: You design your own layout, you decide on all the selections throughout the design phase.

                                            Everything is New,  backed by new home warranty, up to 30% more energy efficient

                   Old Homes: You are stuck with dated layouts, you are stuck with dated fixtures, cabinets, and other amenities, you have to worry about mechanical

                                           systems being replaced, installing new roofs, or windows, Drafty, not adequately insulated, mechanical equipment not as efficient.

                    Remodeling: You can make the layout work for you when remodeling, but usually do not get your money back when selling later. Not as cost effective,

                                           and you usually find other “unknowns” that also needs to be replaced when remodeling adding additional costs.


What should I do before contacting DeVon Builders?

          A.      Before getting started you don’t need financing in order but it helps to have a good idea of what you can afford to help design a home

                    that fits within your budget.


Do I need to have a lot secured before starting the building process?

         A.      No,  Although it does help narrow down preliminary costs if you know where you are building, if you don’t have a lot just yet we can help

                  you find something that meets your needs.


Where can I get financing at?

         A.      We work with a number of local financing institutions that have different programs that will work for your situation.


Do I need to have a floor plan before coming to build with DeVon?

       A.      No, we will work with you and help design the home you desire.  Yes it does help to have a good idea of size, and types of rooms you want as well

                  as how many stories and bathrooms.  Whether if you know exactly what you want or if you have no clue at all, we can help guide you through the

                  process, and build your dream.


I’m afraid that whatever I pick out for paint or flooring won’t look good together, how can you help me through this?

        A.      We have our own in house Interior Decorator that helps guide you through the selection process to make sure everything flows and gives you

                 that “Wow” factor.


What will it cost to build my home?

        A.      We don’t give pricing out based solely on square foot of homes.  We will sit down with you and ask numerous questions to help give you an idea

                 of costs for a preliminary estimate.  Then once we have a detailed print we will send it out for bid to get accurate numbers and to keep our costs

                 down before entering into a contract.


What Kind of Warranties do you offer?

         A.      We are members of the Indiana Builders Association where we have adopted the Indiana Quality Assurance Builders Standards,

       , Where we have various warranties up to 10 years.  Labor is warranted for 1 year after completion of home.


How long does it take to build my home?

         A.      Every house is different and depending on what time of the year construction is going on and availability of products and selections from

                  homeowners will vary that time frame.  Most “typical” homes will take anywhere from 4-6 months but could take longer.


Do you build during the winter months?

         A.      Yes,  we build year round.  During winter months we will add calcium and additives to prevent foundation walls and footers from freezing.

                   As long as we are installing foundations on unfrozen ground we are ready to build.  We will not pour flatwork such as driveways and sidewalks

                  during the winter months, but that won’t prevent construction on the house from continuing.


Do you build lake cottages?

         A.      Yes, we have built many homes over the years on various lakes.


Do you remodel homes or do additions?

         A.      Yes, although new construction is our primary focus, we do some remodel/additions.



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